Pump Track Project-2023!

We are excited for our newest project, the Bare Hill Pump Track!!

What is a pump track?  A pump track is a simple and fun continuous dirt circuit track made of a series of ‘rollers’ (2’-3’ high rolling jumps and dips), ‘berms’ (high banked dirt corners) and launch ramps or elevated areas to ‘roll in’ (start) from. The design is geared toward all ages and abilities and provides a new and exciting outdoor recreational activity to local families who love to ride their bikes and be active.  

Bare Hill Park Site:  When we first approached the town with this idea in the spring of 2020, our initial task was to find an appropriate location to build the pump track.  After conducting many site evaluations,  it was determined that Bare Hill Park (near Pine Grove Cemetery) would be a great location for the pump track.  The park already exists, is on town land, provides good accessibility from downtown, visibility, parking, an existing walking path, neighbor support, and room for future expansion.  In addition to the pump track, we are also excited about revitalizing Bare Hill Park as a place for community members of all ages to enjoy time outdoors!

GOAL for early SUMMER 2023: After 3 years of collaborating with local volunteer bike enthusiasts and the town, we now have our location, sustainable design, budget and all the necessary town approvals, and are ready to raise the funds needed to build the pump track!  Our fundraising goal is $50,000 which covers the design and build fee, tree work, dirt & landscaping, fencing, parking lot, signage, and maintenance. We have worked with local businesses who have generously provided quotes for most of the above items at cost. Now we are looking for COMMUNITY SUPPORT to build the Bare Hill Pump Track and make our vision a reality so we can start riding this summer (2023)!

Are you ‘pumped’ for the Pump Track?  Together we can make this happen! Contact us with questions or ways you can contribute your time/talents: 

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