Happy New Year Topsfield residents! Here’s one of the projects we’ve been working on: PUMP TRACK (bike track) PLANNING: We want to bring a pump track bike park to Topsfield for all to enjoy. Added outdoor recreational opportunities would benefit our town, especially with the rail trail already eWe are in the research and planning phases, focusing on possible locations in town, and will be working with a large group of community leaders in the town as we go through this process. Pump tracks (and other types of bike parks) have become very popular in the past few years across the country, and right here in New England and have been shown to benefit communities in many ways:

  • -Promote health through physical activity for all ages
  • -Promote safety
  • – Provide a safe space for riders (off busy roads)
  • -Promote local tourism, increase town revenue through spending at local businesses and restaurants
  • -Increase property values through added recreational opportunities in town-Promote a sense of community

Here is a helpful link about Pump Tracks.
All about Pump Tracks