The Topsfield Playground Committee is a volunteer fundraising committee dedicated to providing the Town of Topsfield with fun, safe, and inclusive recreational opportunities.

The Topsfield Playground Committee is a 501 3(c) non-profit, run by volunteers.  Established in 2008, the TPC has facilitated hundreds of volunteers, local contractors and businesses to spearhead, fund, and/or support several projects that promote outdoor play. 


Thanks to the community for your generous support, we have raised over $350,000 over the years to fund projects, including:

Proctor School Playground (Fall 2009) 

Grove Street Playground (Fall 2010) 

Steward K-3 Playground (Fall 2012) 

Steward Preschool Playground (Summer 2014) 

Steward Buddy Bench (Fall 2014) 

Proctor Mega Chess (Summer 2015) 

Steward Mega Checkers (Winter 2015)


Proctor School Playground Maypole (July 2015) 

Snowshoes for Steward/Proctor PE (Winter ‘15-’16) 

Steward/Proctor GaGa Ball Pits (December ‘16)

Proctor playground repair support (Fall ‘20) 

Grove St Sandbox Improvements (March -21)

Deb Watson memorial bench Steward (June ‘21)

 Proctor Basketball Hoop Replacement (2022)

Additionally, each year we spend hundreds of dollars on new playground toys for both schools and have supported large playground maintenance/repairs when necessary. We continue to seek opportunities for playground improvements & new recreational initiatives for families, and to advocate for proactive playground maintenance planning in the future.


*All projects gifted by TPC but are owned by & maintained by the town and schools.  We are NOT affiliated with or funded by the Town of Topsfield or the Topsfield school district but have continued to work in a supportive role to improve opportunities for play at the schools and in the downtown area.


Our Mission Statement:

“The Topsfield Playground Committee (TPC) is organized for the charitable and

educational purposes of raising funds to provide fun, safe, accessible, and

physically challenging play areas for the community of Topsfield, Massachusetts.”




The TPC was created in 2008, arising from the Topsfield Educational Foundation (TEF) with the initial goal to replace the Proctor School Playground and the Grove Street playground.  The first members were Sharon Drake, Lori Greenslade, and Dawn Seymour.  TPC was incorporated in Massachusetts on January 1, 2009 and because a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Since that time, several generous volunteers have served on its board and the TPC has continued to work to carry out its mission and expand recreational opportunities in Topsfield. 



Our Team: Board & Members




Jen LeRoyer


Vice President:

Talisa Rafferty



Kathleen (Kat) Bates



Tom Watkins


Director/Bike Enthusiast

Glen Gollrad 

Fundraising Subcommittee: 


Megan Richards 


Kim Daly- (Inspiration behind the Pump Track!)


Evan Reece


Tracey Granlund


Social Media – Content Director: 

Janelle Pescatore


PO Box 76, Topsfield MA 01983